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    lbs application on series 40 phones

    hi, can i develop a lbs application on series 40 phones by using netbeans as SDK and s40 emulator? but i am not using GSM technique.
    and can i do it using C++ ?

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    Re: lbs application on series 40 phones

    Hello xeny_luck!

    Yes, you can develop a J2ME location based application on Series 40 phones, and you can use
    Netbeans as your IDE with S40 SDK and accompanied emulator. C++ development is not available
    for S40 series mobile phones. Can you explain what exactly did you mean you are not using
    GSM technique? There are S40 GPS enabled phones with both WCDMA 1700 and GSM. Let's pinpoint
    this part of your question still, ok?

    Here's some links to get you started with:

    Tools links


    JSR-179 - Location API / J2ME


    All resources on Series 40 platform


    Java ME API support on Nokia devices


    Location API example / Forum Nokia


    one more Location API article...


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    Re: lbs application on series 40 phones

    actually my fyp task is to create a lbs application to track a child mobile from a parent mobile or server. the server will send a msg to parent mobile whenever child mobile changes its cell. i have to use cell ids for this purpose. i was working on s60 3rd ed sdk and carbide.c++ to develop this application but as series 40 handsets are more commonly used by teenagers therefore i am now researching for series 40. can you tell me which for which series should i make this application?

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    Re: lbs application on series 40 phones


    Note the note in the article, though: "Note: In Series 40 devices the MIDlet needs to be signed to a manufacturer or operator domain; otherwise the property will be null."

    Getting an operator to sign your MIDlet is difficult/unlikely (and you'd need to ask every operator whose network you want your app to be used). Getting Nokia to sign your MIDlet is even more difficult/less likely. In practical terms this means that you won't be able to get the cell ID using a MIDlet.

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