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Thread: video length

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    video length

    hi there,
    is it somehow possible to increase the video recording length to more than 100kbytes ???

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    Shorly: no. The idea for 100k video clips is that you are able to send clips inside a MMS message. MMS standard makes the limit.

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    You can of course use some 3rd party application that allows you to record longer video clips, but with the native video recorder it's not possible.

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    What 3rd party video recorders are available?

    And how does one write a 3rd party video recorder if the video recording api's aren't released? Surely its not by using the photo api's and recording frame by frame, cause the refresh rate would be appalling.

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    3rd party video recorders


    As far as 3rd party video recorders go, I know of Eyemail's ETI Camcorder for 3650 with which the recording-length is only limited to the size of the memory (MMC) available.


    You could also record the video outside of the Nokia system and the convert to .3gp using Nokia's own multimedia converter application.

    I have used both methods. The first is a great application, I believe Nokia would be best placed to create a similar application with possible improvements over Eyemail's, as I believe there are some audio/video sync issues still left to be ironed-out with Eyemail's product.

    I think Nokia should have an unlimited-time recording feature as "standard" on this generation of smart-phones as they are more than just messaging platforms. These are multimedia capture devices that are capable of recording more than just MMS-compliant content.

    As far as the second method goes, I'm still trying it out. I have a DivX video converted to .3gp size 71.3 MB. I am currently trying to transfer this to my 3650 over Bluetooth. If I can get past it disconnecting half-way through, I should have a feature length .3gp file to test out.

    I am not having much luck with this.

    Any info relating to this is greatly appreciated and would be very welcome!


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