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    Help! NFC 6131 as a scanner


    I am a newbie at mobile development and am currently working with NFC technology. So, far in the demos I have seen to read a tag, your NFC enabled cellphone must touch the RFID tags.

    But just like how bluetooth technology in handhelds can scan for nearby bluetooth devices within its range Can NFC-enabled phones can also scan RFID tags within the 10 cm range? or is it always necessary to touch.
    Please get back to me soon.
    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Help! NFC 6131 as a scanner

    Hello Rashida,

    Read range for RFID phones is typically 2-3 cm, tag dependent.

    Here is product link to Nokia 6131:

    SDK for 6131:

    What comes to RFID technology in general, and whoever is interested in it's technical details, there is a quite throughout explanation in WikiPedia.

    There is a (less than 10 min) video here explaining the RFID technology:


    If you need information on ISO support Nokia 5140 and 3220 phones supports standards which are used in NFC technology (ISO14443A, ISO14443B + Felica),
    6131 also ISO 14443-4.

    6131 and NFC FAQ & Forum Nokia (also link to Wiki pages (updated)):

    The Bluetooth (2.40-2.48GHz band) is type of frequency-hopping radio protocol., limited in power and sensivity. RFID on the otherhand, is radio-powered passive and single frequency protocol operating in the following bands: 30-500kHz, 850-950MHz and 2.40-2.50GHz, that is 2m,30m(+) ranges respectively.

    Protocols for BT and RFID are totally different, thus designed to be around together without interfering each others, but also making them pretty much non-interoperable.

    With a reconfigurable, moddable BT device software with BT HW powerful enough, it just might be able to trigger a RFID device (highly unlikely though, 90dB signal strengt difference in between activation signal+sideband response). The BT HW should also be sensitive enough to read the reply from the RFID device. Being capable of doing this would leave most of the RFID devices out having wrong frequency band.

    If your bluetooth device is software-defined (these days, many are), and if the software is user modifiable (good luck on that one), and if the bluetooth hardware can emit a sufficiently powerful pulse to activate the RFID device (unlikely) and if the bluetooth hardware is sufficiently sensitive to detect the reply from the device (unlikely given the 90dB difference in signal strengths between the activation signal and the sideband response), then maybe, just maybe, it can be done. Even then, the vast majority of RFID devices would be in the wrong frequency band.

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