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    Error preverifying class com.nokia.mid.sound.Sound$1

    I am trying to execute this: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...e_screen_saver
    and I always get this error during the Build: "Error preverifying class com.nokia.mid.sound.Sound$1"

    I am using the Java ME SDK 3.0 (not Netbeans) as IDE, and I added the nokiaui.jar file in the Resources. I have looked around other threads discussing the same issue and most of them have pointed that we need a Nokia emulator, can somebody please help me in how to add a Nokia emulator and where can I find that? Or let me know if I am doing something else wrong.


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    Post Re: Error preverifying class com.nokia.mid.sound.Sound$1


    It´s not necessary include nokiaui.jar. What you have to do is include Nokia SDK in Netbeans. take a look these steps and see how to include new SDK if you don´t know:
    - download Nokia SDK (s40 or s60). Check out which one your cellphone is.
    select your device device you´ll have a link to download Nokia SDK

    - install Nokia SDK
    - Open Netbeans
    - Click Tools ... Click Java Plataform... Add Plataform .. Select Java ME MIDP Emulator... wait netbeans find out your Nokia SDK if not click Find more Java...
    and Select your Nokia SDK Folder.
    - To Finish confirm all windows.

    Now when you create a new project select Nokia SDK.
    If you already a project go to project properties and select it.

    Remember to check Nokia User Interface in Optional package in project properties

    Ready go! Nokia UI and Nokia Sounds works!

    One more Thing that code just works on Nokia Devices right!

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    Re: Error preverifying class com.nokia.mid.sound.Sound$1


    Just for others users to know:
    Problem: I am using Nokia N97 (hence added the N97 SDK on NetBeans), and thus I am able to build the code successfully using NetBeans. But when I include the nokiaui.jar in the Resources, while installing the application on the N97 cellphone, it gives an "Authorization Failed" error.
    1) Manually remove the nokiaui.jar from the jar file of the built application, then no error is shown, and the application runs properly on the actual device.
    2) Goto Properties -> Platform -> Optional Packages, and check the "Nokia User Interface 1.3" option.
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