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    Post How to implement call dialog


    We need to implement a dialog similar to that of call dialog which is available by default in the phone.
    The idea is when number is typed the bubble/dialog should appear with the options and back menu. I searched the forum people are saying that you have to go for your own dialog.

    Can any body point to some sample/idea if available?

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    Re: How to implement call dialog

    Since Symbian OS is open source, you can probably find some kind of implementation for that control: http://developer.symbian.org/xref/os.../sf/app/phone/

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    Re: How to implement call dialog

    Hi wizard_hu,

    Thanks for your reply. Can u please be more specific which class or engine i have to look into as the area
    is vast.

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    Re: How to implement call dialog

    The post that you might have read the old one when you can chnage the call dialog. At that time normally developers override the existing call dialog by his own dialog that you can also develop by normal symbian ui app.

    but now symbian is opensource so you can check into multimode api or etel api in details.
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