I recently purchased a 3650 based on its capabilities as a pda & its ability to synchronise with MS Outlook via Bluetooth on a Sony VAIO using MS Win XP home edition. Attempts to do with with a Planex Bluetooth dongle proved fruitless and after contacting Club Nokia I was advised to purchase a Socketcom PCMCIA Bluetooth card - at around twice the price of the dongle. I duely procured the card and was delighted when everything worked. However the next day I found absolutely nothing would work and only after uninstalling Bluetooth & the Nokia PC data suite then rolling back XP and re-installing could I get things working again. Within a day, however it had failed a second time.
I was told by Club Nokia that "this was a known problem" with PC Data Suite. I would like to know the following:

1) Why was the PC Datasuite not properly tested with the bluetooth card Nokia themselves recommend and Microsoft's current home edition OS?
2) If the problem is known, why has no fix been released and no new version of PC Datasuite since November?
3) Why was I advised to spend £120 on a piece of kit that would not provide a usable solution (NB I do not consider having to follow the procedure outlined above to be practical every time I want to synchronise)?

Alternatively does anybody know of a solution to this problem or a third-party app I could use in place of PC Data Suite?