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    Some stream is paused in E71


    I am developing client application which connect Darwin Streaming Server (located in linux box) by RTSP and show movie in nokia S60 phones (like E90, E75, etc,...)

    But in some streams, the movie does not played smoothly. Other phones except E71 are good and no problem, but I tested in E71, movie is paused and resumed every 2~5 seconds. At that time the sound is OK. It's not a bitrate problem because I tested other stream which has same bitrate.

    I copied that stream to E71 phone memory. And played it in real player.
    But It was same problem.

    Only E71 has this problem.
    I tested it in E90, E71, E72, E75, N95

    Do you have any idea?
    Thanks advance

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    Re: Some stream is paused in E71

    A thing you can try is checking with the Performance Investigator, just to see if the CPU is doing something else. You can get it from Ovi, and you can find some article in the Documentation section of Tools, Docs & Code.
    Based on the numbers, the E75 does not seem to be 'stronger': http://www.forum.nokia.com/Tools_Doc...municator,N95] (the N95 and E90 may benefit from the secondary acceleration core).

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