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    Control ViewFinder feeds

    Dear Devs,

    Its been along time since my last post.
    I am working in the CCamera API.
    I have been trying to control the viewfinder's
    brightness, e.g., the automatic fix that the viewfinder
    adds to the view captured, so that it is displayed better.
    For example, when it is dark, then a redish effect added.
    When it is very bright, a darkenning effect is added.

    I need to control all those effects.
    Not in the pricture that Iam about to capture,
    but in the viewfinder's feeding frames themselves.
    Any ideas?

    thank you

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    Re: Control ViewFinder feeds

    Basically with pre-3rd ed FP you have only the functionalities provided by the CCamera API for any settings, for 3rd ed FP2 onwards you could try using the advanced settings API found from API plug-in, but please note that it is possible that not all of the functionalities provided by the API interface are actually inplemented on the device side.

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    Surat Thani

    Re: Control ViewFinder feeds


    According to this thread, the auto adjustments can be disabled (at least on some devices) by setting brightness to zero:


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