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    Question Kern exec-3 error in Nokia N97 Emulator


    IDE:-Netbeans 6.7.1
    API use:-eswt
    J2me Application

    I need solution for getting error in Nokia N97 Emulator "Application closed: 'my application name' KERN EXEC 3".

    i have also search in Google for this error but i can't get any solution.

    Hello everyone i have read most of forums post for this issue,but i don't get proper answer. Please give me solution of error, do not suggest me to check this post at here and give me proper reason behind this error.

    really i need the solution for this error.
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    Re: Kern exec-3 error in Nokia N97 Emulator

    You are not likely to get a "proper reason", at least not one that's much help. This is caused by a bug in the Java Runtime implementation.

    It seems to appear quite a lot for developers using eSWT, and I suspect the bug is in the eSWT implementation. If you Google for "KERN EXEC 3" and "eswt" on Forum Nokia, you'll find quite a few posts. I'm not sure there is any clear, common cause (except the common use of eSWT), but maybe other people's posts will give you some clues.

    It may relate to disposing of eSWT objects, or not disposing of them, or disposing of them in the wrong order. For example, calling dispose() on an object that it still somehow in use.


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