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    Preview images only witout downlaoding

    hi all,
    i want the user to preview the images on his wap brpwser but he should be able to save it ??? if any body has an idea abt it please let me know as now i m doing soemthing like this:

    <a href="./Wallpapers/imagename.jpg">UserFriendly name</a>
    so when the user sees this image he can also save it which i dont want as this will be a paid service.

    Thanks in advance
    Kashif Qasim

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    Hi Kashif:

    You can put the image with the image tag (example <img alt="Image" hspace="0" src="imagename.jpg" align="middle"/>)
    to have a preview image and then use the a href tag (like your example: <a href="./Wallpapers/imagename.jpg">UserFriendly name</a>)



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