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    Unhappy LocationGPSDControl "preferred-method" inconsistency

    Error: Application finds the location and updates with GPS icon even when GPS and networking positioning is turned off. Error can be reproduced using example available at http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...on_Example.zip

    Execute the following test:
    1) Go to Settings/Location and activate GPS and Network positioning
    2) Run GPS example
    3) GPS get a fixed location
    4) Go to Settings/Location and deactivate GPS and Network positioning
    5) Run GPS example, and when asked DO NOT enable any option
    6) GPS get a previously fixed location and still shows the GPS icon on window title.

    I've ran the previous example but with a new property set to control. Apparently it has fixed the inconsistency, once there is no gps option available and the icon is no being shown anymore, however now even with all GPS settings is enabled, the gps icon keeps blinking and I don't get any fixed location.

    g_object_set(G_OBJECT(control), "preferred-method", LOCATION_METHOD_AGNSS | LOCATION_METHOD_GNSS, NULL);

    If add support to Wireless Position method then I get a fixed position but a GPS icon is still being shown.


    On my option, it might be confusing for users to see a GPS icon when app is actually getting location info from the wireless connection, specially since users don't have the option to disable this feature.
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