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    Hi everyone !

    I'm starting with J2ME and I have to access an xml file with my application.
    I've read a lot of stuff about technic to use.
    The only problem right now is accessing the file.

    I get a java.io.IOException and I guessed it's because the file doesn't exist in the folder.
    It actually is and I was able to locate the problem.

    In folder "C:\...\j2mewtk\2.5.2\appdb\DefaultColorPhone\filesystem\root1", I've created a xml file, called XMLAppliInfo.xml

    When I launch my emulator it creates folder C:\...\appdb\temp.DefaultColorPhone65\
    In it, there is the folder filesystem\root1\photos

    In everyone of them, there's no file at all.

    How can my xml file (XMLAppliInfo.xml) be created from the original copy to the folder root1 of my temporary color phone folder (temp.DefaultColorPhone65).

    I've did some manual copy/paste and it works perfectly. How can i make it automatically ? I'm working with netbeans. Is there something I need to add ?

    I hope i've made myself clear and sorry for my english ! Any question, please don't hesitate and ask. I'll be happy to try to clarify what you didn't understand !

    Thanks for your help !

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    Re: java.io.IOException

    It happened with me when the emulator got crashed due to some error and after that it used to create temp sessions whenever application runs within the IDE. I quited the IDE and restarted it. The problem got solved. What IDE you are working with and what emulator?

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    Re: java.io.IOException

    Thanks gaurav007 for your help

    The thing is that this problem as been since at least a week. So i've shut down my IDE a lot since
    My IDE is Netbeans and my emulator is the Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 for CLDC provided by Sun

    So it's a problem with my emulator and my IDE then! What do I have to do to change this ?

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    Re: java.io.IOException

    I've found the problem.

    Why Netbeans generates the temporary folders C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\j2mewtk\2.5.2\appdb\temp.DefaultColorPhone<n>\filesystem\root1 ?

    It is because, when you generate a midlet, when the emulator incounters a problem (computer crash, emulator or IDE freezing...etc), netbeans will not delete all the files it created.
    The one that you need to delete is located in : C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\j2mewtk\2.5.2\appdb\DefaultColorPhone\in.use
    As long as this file (in.use) is here, that means, for netbeans, that you are still running an emulator.

    Delete it, and everything should be good !!
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    Re: java.io.IOException

    Just run the PDAP demo and checkout that Whether the demo can read the file placed by you in the root1 folder or not. Have a look at PDAP Demo of Wtk2.5

    checkout and revert..


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