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    Opengl and 2d image

    hi friends,
    i'm working on 3d game.
    for now i'll tell what problems i'm facing in terms of sample cube opengl project.
    i want to draw an png image on screen, i am able to load and display png image but rect part of image covers 3d cube

    i have created UIImageVeiw class:
    void CUIImageView::ConstructL(const TDesC& afilepath)
    iBitmap = new(ELeave) CFbsBitmap;
    iBitmapMask = new(ELeave) CFbsBitmap;
    TRect screenRect(TPoint(0,0),iBitmap->SizeInPixels());
    and displaying image by calling:

    void CUIImageView::display(const TPoint& aPoint)
    CWindowGc& gc = SystemGc();
    gc.Activate( *DrawableWindow() );
    TRect bmpPieceRect(aPoint,iBitmap->SizeInPixels());

    i am creating object of CUIImageView in simplecube.cpp
    and calling obj->display(point) from appCycle of simplecube.cpp

    i want to see image over cube not clipped cube what can i do???

    if someone can help i can provide with code also....as i'm short of time...
    thanx in advance
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    Re: Opengl and 2d image


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    Re: Opengl and 2d image

    I have not checked what BitBltMasked actually does, but if in any case it tries to read the display, it will get 0-s instead of your OpenGL rendering (the same thing you would experience when trying to capture OpenGL image with CWsScreenDevice::CopyScreenToBitmap).
    A thing you can try is converting your mask to a binary one, that might work.

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    Re: Opengl and 2d image

    i'm not getting what ur trying to say,
    i'm just trying to draw an image over screen. on iphone and android i have done it pretty easily.
    but not on symbian.
    please if anyboby can give me project which has normal image shown on screen. without covering the box(from simple cube project).
    i.e. transpernt part image should not show anything but box.

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