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Thread: Qt Bluetooth

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    Qt Bluetooth

    There are plenty of documentation and examples on how to implement Bluetooth communication with native symbian C++. Most of this material seems to be for 3rd ed S60.
    Would like to implement a Qt-application with Bluetooth communication but can not find any good starting points. So my questions are:
    - are there documentation or examples on how to implement BT for 5ed S60 using Qt?
    - so far Qt does not support Bluetooth directly: is there any information on when this could happen?
    - "official" answer to my problem seems to be that I should use native symbian and PIMPL; searhing through web gives no hits (except the document "using qt and symbian c++ together") for PIMPL usage implying that nobody is really using PIMPL. Is this the case?


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    Re: Qt Bluetooth

    PIMPL is widely used in Qt itself and libraries based on Qt. See http://techbase.kde.org/Policies/Lib...icy#D-Pointers

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