Hi all,
I am testing the http client example (V2.2) in forum nokia. I tried both get and post transactions with our server. The server asks for basic authentcation.

I am facing a strange problem.

1. For get transaction the popup dialog box for username and password comes and once entered, the transaction happens successfully.
2. For post transaction, the popup comes but once we enter the username and passsword, I am getting 503 error from server (transaction failure). However if I again issue the post transaction, it works properly(it doesnot ask for username and password now).

In order to ensure that there is no error on the server side, we wrote an html file and performed the post transaction with the phone browser. Here it worked properly.

I want to know whether anyone has tested basic authentication for the post transaction for HTTP client.
What can be the problem. Pls guide me.

thanks and regards,