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    Snapshot and S60 3.2 capture image problem


    We have an application in Java2ME to take number readings from a gas meter, and in a point of the application there is necessary to capture a picture of the meter.

    The application runs in a Nokia E51 without problems, but in new E52 apparently everything works well, except the capture of photographies. The captured image shows the original target for the camera, but at a lower point, thereby missing the top of the target.

    Checking the forum we have found several posts where they complain about this problem and an expert indicates that it is a mistake of the S60 3.2 for all Nokia mobiles and the method snapshot of Java.


    Is it possible to modify the S60 of the Nokia E52 and return to 3.1? Something like a downgrade of SO.


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    Re: Snapshot and S60 3.2 capture image problem

    The platform version for a specific device cannot be changed, so you can neither upgrade nor downgrade the platform version.

    If this bug was reported only in February this year, there might not be a fix yet, but you might like to make sure you have the latest firmware version. If you have an operator-variant device, there might not be an upgrade available, since you usually cannot upgrade from an operator-variant firmware to a "vanilla" firmware.

    I've added a post to the thread you linked - the Nokia Expert there posted some workaround information for C++ developers, but not for Java developers. There might not be a workaround, but let's at least ask. It sounds like it's connected to the view-finder orientation (for example, if the view-finder is rotated, or is displaying a landscape view on a portrait screen). Does the E52 support automatic switch to landscape mode? If so, what happens if you take the picture in landscape mode?


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    Re: Snapshot and S60 3.2 capture image problem


    Thanks for the reply. We have been looking a new firmware for the E52 and there is a newer version but the Coder Version is different. This version has come to UK version so that we cannot install it. I think that problem might not be fix yet for this firmware, seeing that is a problem extensive to all S60 3.2 phones.

    We are doing tests with the APIBridge for J2ME, with this API changes the behavior of the application, because there is a transition between the application and the native camera, where leave the application and allow more actions to the user. We don’t want this experience for the user and we are studying the problems can give this transitions (button exits, options and more).

    We still reviewing the forum and NSU for comments or firm updates for this issue.

    Thanks & Regards,

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