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    Qt mobility installation

    I have followed the symbian documentation on how ones supposed to set up the enviroment so basically this is what i did:

    1. Install Windows XP
    1. Install Perl from activestate http://downloads.activestate.com/Act...x86-291969.msi
    3. Install Application development toolkit http://developer.symbian.org/main/to...cid=59&iid=267
    4. Install Symbian platform SDK http://developer.symbian.org/main/to...3&cid=7&iid=26
    5. Install OpenC plugin SDK on top of the Symbian platform SDK http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n...K_Plug-In.html
    6. I then patch the carbide with this patch http://pepper.troll.no/s60prerelease...mbian_b487.zip

    7. i download and install Qt for Open Source C++ development on Symbian http://qt.nokia.com/downloads/symbian-cpp into C:\Qt\4.6.3-symbian

    8. now i run the following: All Programs | Symbian Foundation ADT v1.4 | Carbide.c++ | Configure environment for WINSCW command line

    Now my enviroment works according to nokia, so install and configure Qt Creator as the following link says

    It works, im able to run the example inside the S60 emulator.

    Now the tricky part is the mobility api which i require in order to start the actual development process.

    So i downloaded the mobility app and followed these instructions:

    so basically according to the documentation provided it should be sufficent to open the command prompt, go into the mobility directory and run the configure and make commands.
    However this apparently did not work, the files were created successfully, yes but apprently not into the right location?

    What if i open The commands prompt which is included in Qt SDK and do the same steps "configure" and "make". Or am i required to set some kind of paths?

    Because at the moment the files cannot be found.

    And in case i get mobility working correctly, will it work for both the desktop and Symbian platforms?

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    Re: Qt mobility installation


    it appears that one of the main reasons was that i didn't use the Qt command prompt, im going to start over and do everything the same with the exception of using the qt command prompt and report back how well i succeeded.

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    Re: Qt mobility installation


    thats what qt command prompt produces when i do make inside Qt mobility folder after running configure

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    Re: Qt mobility installation

    Norton is reporting a trojan on your site.

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