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    Red face Carbide returning SBS error

    I have configured Carbide for Orbit and SBS. Untill I rebooted the system, everything was running perfect. After reboot, when I compile my project, Carbide started giving below error, immediately without even trying to compile the project:
    Creation Time Description Resource Path Location Type
    1270880948890 sbs returned with exit value = -1 devicemanagementindicatorsplugin Unknown Carbide.c++ Build Problem

    Please help me to get rid of this error.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Re: Carbide returning SBS error

    I imported 9.2 project and tried to compile on SBS1. Even SBS1 does not compile. I tried on shifting to other workspace as well; all efforts did not yield any positive result.
    Please help me in this regard.

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    Re: Carbide returning SBS error

    Details about what Carbide.c++ does under the hood can be found in the Console view. It is there that you should took for indications of what really goes wrong and it is information from there that you might want to share on a forum, with proper context information.

    Also, try to name things right, like SBSv1 and SBSv2 so that we talk the same language and thus talk about the same things.

    Try also to put things in the right context. On this forum 9.2 can only mean Symbian OS 9.2 (S60 3.1) but I don't expect your're trying to build the Orbit FW on top of that OS version, are you. If 9.2 means something else for you then think how relevant that is and how likely it is that we would know about it too.
    -- Lucian

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