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    how to get coordinate & file name of an Image item? J2me supports array? URGENT!


    I am trying to put 25 images in my screen, using Image item with PNG files. how can i get my image properties like PNG file name & coordinate when i need to?
    if i can't , can i store them in an array?
    need help~!


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    how to

    My be this can help your problem
    String myPic = {"a1.png", "a2.png", "a3.png"};
    String location;
    for(int i=0; i < myPic.length; i++)
    location ="\" + myPic[i];
    //put that lcoation variabel at your img java
    From that example you can know that image its at root location if you have make jar the file so you would be do this
    jar -cFM nama.jar nama.class a1.png a2.png a3.png
    but if you want to maintenance that image at one folder you can change your configuration optional of jar syntax so look the help of jar if you would to use some folder and if you would be open your jar you can use the fastest solution by using winrar

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