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    Help to solve problem native Nokia SIP client for E71 and Voxalot

    Colleagues, please help to solve problem with native Nokia SIP client for E71 and Voxalot VOIP provider. I use 3G connection with my mobile operator Megafone in Saint-Petersburg.
    I have to use VOXALOT (SIP broker) for works with two VOIP Providers for cheapest rates plan for landline and mobile phone in Russia. When I call my mobile subscriber he has to see my mobile Callirer ID.
    I use Beatamax clones Voipraider and Webcalldirect. When I set up separately native SIP client E71 for Voipraider and Webcalldirect with this instructions than call session on both case with subscriber are established, the quality of sound is very qood.
    I spent many time for correct setting Voxalot for E71 - in this instruction I must change type of transport from UDP to "auto" or "TCP" in Proxy server and Registrar server - when I set up type of transport in these section to auto than call session was established but I and my subscriber didn't hear each other. I discussed this problem in Voxalot forum but problem hasn't solved yet.
    Description on problem.
    Now I am using this setting with SIP naive client Nokia E71
    When I call my subscriber (I replace first symbol + in number to 00) my subscriber see my CallierID, connection ere established, we either hear each other very well. But after 31 - 35 second after conversation my subscriber dissconected, but on my E71 call session established and I must manualy close call session.
    Tips - I install Fring and Nimbuzz on E71. I wrote Voxalot setting (Iser ID, name registration server, password) for integrated SIP clients in these applications - now VOXALOT works, call session doesn't disconnect, I can speak with my subscriber long time, but quality of sound is the worst than native SIP client setting for Voxalot or VoipRider or Webcalldirect.
    I think that problem in network setting - I don't know where and which parameter I have to change...
    Mobile E 71 with latest firmware (I updated firmware yesterday through Nokia Software Updater v.2.4.6 en from Nokia official Internet web sight)
    Installed Nokia SIP application SIP VoIP 2.x Setting - this is file SIP_VoIP_Settings_v1_2_en.SIS from SIP VoIP Settings
    P.S I looked for on this forum about problems E71 and VOXALOT but nothing found.....
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    Enable RTCP, see this and that for more details.

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