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    Can we create Databases for WRT widgets?

    Is there a way to create SQL database (i.e. SQLite) to save and read persistent data for WRT Widgets? The only option that I have seen so far in the forums to save data for widgets is to use the setPreferenceForKey option. If anyone knows a better way please let me know, I appreciate any input.

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    Re: Can we create Databases for WRT widgets?

    As far as I've found out, there is -no- way to do so.

    If there is, I would be very pleased too, but for the time being,
    I make use of the setPreferenceForKey way of working with saving data.
    Happily I do not need to do any queries on my saved data, so that helps.

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    Re: Can we create Databases for WRT widgets?

    but how many(in terms of KB) data can we save by using setPreferenceForKey ?

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    Re: Can we create Databases for WRT widgets?

    Hi vimalrajpara,

    please avoid double posting: refer to your other thread



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