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    wrong Sip Register on Nokia X6 !

    Hope someone can help me !

    The SIP Register message is always send with private IP address (192.168.0.xxx).
    This leads to error 403 "no RFC1918-IP`s allowed".

    With N95 behind the same network and same settings, the Public IP is delivered in SIP Register and everithing works fine (Status 200 OK).

    I tried to install "SIP_VoIP_3_1_Settings_S60_5_x_v1_0_en.sis" , but I cant find the application after successful installation and replacement.

    Any Idea ?


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    Yes, one, we only can wait that Nokia releases a new app version wich supports X6 (crossed fingers), meanwhile we only can use another client ([removed]) or write a new one (kinda joke...)
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