After plowing through quite a few documents I am still quite uncertain about how to exactly go about J2ME app device testing and wonder if anyone can shed any light.

Here's our situation:

We've written a J2ME app for MIDP2.0/CLDC1.1 devices, and want to release it on the Ovi store for Nokia devices. We have bought a publisher ID, and have registered for the Java Verified process. I'm stuck at the point of deciding what devices to test on as part of the Java Verified process. Some questions though:

1) We *do* have to have the app tested as part of the Java Verified process, right? (Don't want to do that and then find out it wasn't necessary...)

2) If so, what devices do I have to test on, at a minimum? How do you decide which devices?

3) How does the information about what devices we tested on for Java Verified get to the Ovi store? (Or doesn't it?) Is it part of the signed application that comes out of the Java Verified bit?

4) How does the Java Verified device testing relate to the part of the Ovi submission process where you say what device families/devices you tested the app on? Is it talking about the same thing? Or something different?

I'm finding this all quite surreal. The more I try to read to understand how it all works, the more confusion I end in.

Any help most gratefully received!


I should have said, the goal at the end of the day is to release our app - a fairly simple J2ME app, a single build which targets many devices - onto as many MIDP2.0/CLDC1.1 Nokia devices as possible (via Ovi).