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    copying texts 5800 problem.

    I made a virtual keyboard using flash and everything is working pretty nice.. till i faced this problem, i can't use the as2 copying statement to copy my text.. so is there a way that i can tell my phone to copy the text using its software?( in "Notes" for example, u go Options > Edit options > Copy) like in some of the examples and threads, i've read that u can send SMS's using flash, so i'm quite confident that there is a way to copy texts as well.. any help is appreciated. thanks =)
    PS. mind my English ^^

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    Smile Re: copying texts 5800 problem.

    There is one of the known API i.e
    System.setClipboard("Hi! Save it in ClipBoard :)");
    But unfortunately , it is not supported in Flash Lite yet. Read here :

    Best Regards,

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    Re: copying texts 5800 problem.

    I see, Will find a different way to get what i need sooner or later .
    Thanks for the reply, i appreciate your help.

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    Re: copying texts 5800 problem.

    You can try using C++ code for the same. Flash Lite provides good features for UI, how ever doing anythng worthwhile with it requires support from a native layer.


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