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    Multilingual Applications & Localized content

    Dear Nokia,

    I am planning to submit for QA an j2me application in nokia ovi store which follows the next scheme.
    The first screen that the user sees when the application is launched is a screen that user selects a language. Greek or English.
    If the user select Greek, then enters a 'Greek' version of the game(Greek images texts etc)
    If the user select English will enter the 'English' version of the game(English images texts etc)

    I am aware that Localized content must be set to its localized region. Also that Greek content is accepted only for Greece and Cyprus.

    The question is, this application will be accepted from QA if i set other countries to be published, except Greece and Cyprus OR it will be rejected?

    Thank you very much!

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    Re: Multilingual Applications & Localized content

    Hi Nikolaos,

    If your content supports English (English text, images, description, etc.), it can be distributed globally.

    Please contact us at publishtoovi.support@nokia.com if you have any questions.


    Publisher Support Team

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