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    FetchgoogleMaps not working on Windows CE device

    Hi friends,
    I want to run fetchgooglemaps application from the QtMobility beta version on Windows CE platform. I successfully run the application on Symbian device & it worked fine there.
    When I run that application on Windows mobile it is not running, I have properly added QtMobility libs to Deployment, linker & other required areas.
    I found that QWebView class which comes under QtWebkit is creating problem in WinCE. I have properly added it in application.
    Kindly please tell me why fetchgooglemaps application is not working on WinCE platform.
    Am I missing any dll apart from QtBearer, QtLocation, QtWebkit & QtNetwork?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: FetchgoogleMaps not working on Windows CE device

    Hi ,

    I had developed one one application , every time it will fetch data from internet in qt for symbian. After that I want to port same code in windows mobile. But thing is that it showing connection fail first time. I think there is some problem in configuration . Please tell me how I do configuration from beginning in brief . Means please tell me serially which I ll install and after that how make configuration . Also tell me whether i ll go for visual studio 2008 or 2005. Please reply soon . Thanks in advance.


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