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    Question Getting GMT, or Timezone offset to GMT

    Are there any easy ways to get a phones offset to GMT without touching a server and finding its offset that way?

    I need all collected data to be in-line with timestamps, without any hiccups when changing timezone.

    Thanks (:

    [Edit]: I forgot to mention dateObj.getTimeZoneOffset() doesnt seem to work on the devices. (N97 & Mini)
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    Re: Getting GMT, or Timezone offset to GMT

    Is there some special situation where getTimezoneOffset fails?

    getTimezoneOffset returns the offset in minutes in a quite fancy way e.g. you will get -180 for GMT+3

    var date = new Date()
    var inhours = -date.getTimezoneOffset()/60;
    alert("The local time zone is: GMT " + inhours);
    Tested with N97 mini


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