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    Driving Direction in Qt


    I want to develop an application in Qt in which i want to get Driving Direction between two points on Google map.So is it possible in Qt ?? if yes , so can any one guide me.Because I cannot find any information on this topic in Qt.



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    Re: Driving Direction in Qt

    Hi Vishal,

    Actually I don’t know whether any Qt support is there or not.
    But you can calculate that on yours, I guess.
    Let's there are APIs that gives information about two points.
    (x1,y1) (x2,y2) taking relative difference between two co-ordinates you can easily find out what is the direction of the motion.


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    Re: Driving Direction in Qt

    You can use Google Maps API in Qt as well, but there is nothing specific in Qt about Google Maps API.
    There are some example Qt applications using Google Maps API:
    You can check these to get an ideas.

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