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    Angry Why expired certificate?

    Can someone explain me why self-signed certificates will expire after a year? Is something wrong with my signsis as I can not avoid that (there is some command line parameter, but that seems to be ignored)? Im waiting for a new SDK where thats fixed.

    What is point, its very confusing when I have to set phone date backwards during the install and then set it back. What is benefit, it can not be any security stuff as workaround is so easy. It just that teasing developer and user what seems to happen time to time. But why just make things difficult? Very very stupid.

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    Re: Why expired certificate?

    If you have signed an app a year ago and now you want to install it again on your phone, it would make sense to unsign it and then sign it again with a valid certificate. Changing the date of the phone is a rather silly solution.

    There is also a question of which SDK you use and which version of makekeys it has. The problem was recognized long time ago and a better version it is now available, allowing up to 10 years validity for the certificate. See http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...after_one_year but note that the link at the end does not work anymore.
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