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    CImageDecoder KErrNoMemory

    I am using CImageDecoder::Convert() to display small JPEG images (many are less than 10K, and they are all 72ppp).

    The app displays a sequence of five images, switching image every 5 seconds.
    The images that generate the KErrNoMemory are always the same, but they do not always give the KErrNoMemory error. Sometimes they display OK, then in the next sequence they give a KErrNoMemory, and they display OK again in the next round.
    These images are not necessarily the largest ones, and none of them is progressive encoded (I already check that issue on Wiki).

    I have tried increasing Stacksize, but this seems to have no effect.

    any recommendation on what to look at?
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    Re: CImageDecoder KErrNoMemory

    Quote Originally Posted by juannoguera View Post
    I have tried increasing Stacksize, but this seems to have no effect.
    Perhaps try increasing your heap size instead.
    Matti Dahlbom

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    Re: CImageDecoder KErrNoMemory

    Prior to any voodoo, do not forget to think:
    - .jpeg is a compressed format => file size does not matter
    - decoding the JPEG image means that it gets uncompressed => memory requirement is height*width*bytes-per-pixel (it depends on the TDisplayFormat, but it is usally 4)
    Other technical details:
    - the Font and Bitmap Server (FBS - CFbsBitmap) stores images in its own heap, and it is able to
    - stack problems raise KERN-EXEC 3, and not KErrNoMemory

    So calculate the uncompressed size of your images, and check the specifications of the given device (I guess you are not talking about the emulator).

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