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    N900 Maemo 5 HildonPortraitFlags

    I'm building an application with my starting point the maemo_examples, so it is Hildon. I'm using the N900 in an application that will always be in portrait mode.

    I'm using hildon_gtk_window_set_portrait_flags() to set HILDON_PORTRAIT_MODE_REQUEST. I'm testing in Xephyr on a Debian platform. The display paints nicely in portrait mode, just as I want. The problem is that the buttons don't work properly in that the touch screen has not been rotated. I.e., in a screen with a 3 x 3 button filling the top of the screen, if I press the upper right when viewed in portrait it activates the upper left. Of course the upper right in portrait would be the upper left in landscape.

    Does anyone know if there is some other setting I need to make to get the touch screen to work properly, or is this a bug in Hildon when rotated?

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    Re: N900 Maemo 5 HildonPortraitFlags


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