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    How can I sign My MIDlet application


    I am developing a application to get cell-id,CBS message and send sms for s40 deceive.
    I want o sign my application to get cell-id.

    Can any one tell me how can Sign my application for s40 devices?

    I want full & clear details about signing.


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    Re: How can I sign My MIDlet application

    If you are trying to get the cell ID by:

    String cellId = System.getProperty("Cell-ID");
    this will not work on Series 40 devices, even when signed.

    You can get information about signing in the Forum Nokia wiki. There is a lot of information in there.


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    Re: How can I sign My MIDlet application

    Refer to FN wiki : http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph..._ID_in_Java_ME

    This code snippet demonstrates how to get the mobile cell ID by using Nokia-proprietary system properties in Series 40 and S60 devices. Note that a different system property is used to get the cell ID in Series 40 and S60 devices:

    Series 40 3rd Edition, FP1 (or newer): System.getProperty("Cell-ID")
    S60 3rd Edition, FP2 (or newer): System.getProperty("com.nokia.mid.cellid")

    Note: In Series 40 devices the MIDlet needs to be signed to a manufacturer or operator domain; otherwise the property will be null. Signing is not needed for S60 devices.

    So you need to get manufacturer certificate from Nokia for S-40 to get this done, dont try with 3rd party signature, Contact Nokia Biz dev team.


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