again I have nothing but problems with the 7650 concerning HTTP download... The firmware version is "V4.39 30.10.02 NHL-2NA".

After installing my application and starting it the first time, everything seems to work normal. Then I exit my program and then sometimes in about 30% of the cases, I get a strange error message: "Program closed! WAPSTKSRV KERN-EXEC 3". When this happens I try to restart my application but it will not start, all I get are error messages like "Program closed! jes-ab-javax.microedition.lcdui@1... KERN-EXEC 3"! Sometimes the 7650 even is so confused that the display light doesn't come up when pressing a key and it is also not possible to switch the device off (althoug I can start other program, etc.). Then I have to remove the battery.

I have similar problems on a 3650 (FW V2.50) buit here it doesn't occurs so often.

Any help here from Nokia?????