Hi all,

I'm trying to change the colour of the background to a text item which is appended to an LCDUI Form. I was instructed that in order to do this I should use either a Graphics object or LWUIT. As Graphics objects appear to require absolute positioning, this is not really convenient considering the fact that I need to display multiple instances of different text items in different locations. As a result I've looked into utilising LWUIT however this also has it's issues. The main issue I'm currently having is trying to append an alert to the form seeing as the Forms i'm utilising are now LWUIT forms and the Alerts are LCDUI entities, there doesn't appear to be a simple way to display an alert on an LWUIT form.
If there is a simple way of appending an Alert to a LWUIT form I'd appreciate if someone could give me instructions on how to accomplish this.

This is how I append an alert to an LCDUI form:

Alert err = new Alert(title,message, null, alertType);
Display.getDisplay(this).setCurrent(err, lcduiForm);
As a test, I then converted the 2nd line to LWUIT:

com.sun.lwuit.Form f = new Form("Test");
But I couldn't figure out how to append the Alert as the method using LCDUI does this via the setCurrent() method but the LWUIT method show() doesn't support Alert's as parameters.

To make my scenario clearer, this is a method which is called when a command listener method registers a "Help" command has been issued or that an error occured. It exists as a generic Alert method for the sake of easiness.

Thanks in advance