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    Question JSR 177 SATSA-APDU not seem to work

    Hi all,

    I try to access to my SIM card using the jsr 177 implemntation on a Nokia n95 8GB (S60 v3 FP 1).
    I want to send APDU command to an application installed in the SIM Card.

    When I attempt to open the connection I get a ClassNotFound execption of class mom/symbian.midp/io/protocol/apdu/Protocol.

    I use

    String purseURL = "apdu:0;target=SAT";
    APDUConnection purseConnection;
    purseConnection = (APDUConnection)Connector.open(purseURL);

    To open the connection.

    Can you help me to find the problem?
    Is the jsr 177 correctly iimplemented on the phone?



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    Re: JSR 177 SATSA-APDU not seem to work


    I find the explanation. In fact JSR 177 SATSA-APDU is optonal and not implemented in S60 series ...

    I wonder why it's not implemented although it's done in s40 platforms.

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