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    Navigation Panes for Series 60

    Hi All. I am hoping someone can assist me in trying to toggle between
    Navigation Panes for Series 60.

    Currently, I have an application with 3 views. The first view is the main
    view with icons. It uses the default Navigation Pane. The other 2 views
    are within a Tab Group. Those views/tabs are displayed when the user
    selects 'Settings' within the menu. At that time, I change to the Tab Group
    for the Navigation Pane. However, I continue to get errors (breakpoints)
    and the application is closed when try to launch the Tab Group for a second
    time. I think the problem may be when I am toggling between the default
    pane and the Tab Group Pane. Below is the snippets of code:

    //In the Application's AppUI ConstructL - I construct the Tab Group
    navigation pane but then I push the default one

    iNaviPane = STATIC_CAST(
    StatusPane()->ControlL( TUid::Uid( EEikStatusPaneUidNavi ) ) );

    TResourceReader reader;
    iCoeEnv->CreateResourceReaderLC( reader, R_SETTINGSVIEW_TABGROUP );
    iDecoratedTabGroup = iNaviPane->CreateTabGroupL( reader );
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // resource reader

    iTabGroup = STATIC_CAST( CAknTabGroup*,
    iDecoratedTabGroup->DecoratedControl() );


    //Within the Applications AppUi HandleCommandL - I simply toggle between
    pushing the default navigation pane and the Tab Group pane.

    switch (aCommand)
    case EAknCmdExit:
    case EAknSoftkeyExit:
    case EEikCmdExit:
    case EAknSoftkeyCancel:
    case ECmdSettings:
    iNaviPane->PushL( *iDecoratedTabGroup );
    ActivateLocalViewL( KUserViewId );

    As I mentioned, it crashes the second time I launch the Settings. Do I need
    to delete the previous navigation pane and then re-assign it the new one?
    Is there a better way of toggling between Navigation Panes. Any assistance
    will be apperciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Navigation Panes for Series 60

    Did you resolve the problem? I have the same one

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