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    Stopping Beep Sound while Recording call

    I know there are lots of post out there which says there is no way to stop beep sounds in s60 devices.

    But i know few persons who have already done this but nobody is ready to relieveing that in public.

    Is there anyone who has done this and ready to share his knowledge here with others ?

    Its not urget for me but i just want to know hows this is done bcs this issue annoys me a lot in past

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    Re: Stopping Beep Sound while Recording call

    did you read all of the older discussion of the topic already ? I'm sure there were some suggestion son how this might be possible.

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    Re: Stopping Beep Sound while Recording call


    I am also interessting in it. I think, if you can use the DevSound directly, maybe it is possible to do that. MMF or APS are both above it, and there is an audio policy defined by Symbian for routing audio. Beep belongs to the audio policy.


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