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    How can I create an original user interface?

    Hi all

    How can I create an original user interface(with buttons where I please) without the limitation of lists and forms in Netbeans 6.8?
    Using the visual midlet design.

    Thank you kindly

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    Re: How can I create an original user interface?

    well the midlet visual desging is specific for the IDE you are using...
    So if that doesn't support any of the user interface components you want you will have to write your own code instead...
    If you are willing to do so you will discover that the standard high-level J2ME components are not up to par to the actual visual standards... Mostly that results in one of the following options :
    - create your own low-level GUI components using Canvas
    - using a 3rd party GUI library like LWUIT or J2ME Polish

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