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    Get the last updated time of contacts in symbian using J2ME

    I have modified the contact in the contact list and now i want to get the last modified time of the contact.

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    Re: Get the last updated time of contacts in symbian using J2ME

    Try getting the value of Revision field of the contact item.

    public static final int REVISION Field specifying the last modification date and time of a Contact item. If the Contact has ever been committed to a ContactList, then this attribute becomes read only. This field is set automatically on imports and commits of a Contact. Data for this field is expressed in the same long value format as java.util.Date, which is milliseconds since the epoch (00:00:00 GMT, January 1, 1970).

    Note that the value provided may be rounded-down by an implementation due to platform restrictions. For example, should a native Contact database only support contact date values with granularity in terms of seconds, then the provided date value is rounded down to a date time with a full second.


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