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    QgraphicsView after scale.

    This is my problem:
    I have QgrahicsView and QgraphicsScene. Put the scene on Point(0,0) and take Scene Rect
    and I hae QRectF(0,0, 400x500);
    Then I make
    view->scale(1.5, 1.5);
    and after that view->sceneRect(); is still QRectF(0,0, 400x500); but for example object on coords x=20 y=20 is unseen.
    How to get coordinates of QgraphicsScene rectangle that is current seen in QGraphicsView. (All scrollbars are off)


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    Re: QgraphicsView after scale.

    Returns the scene rectangle rect to a viewport coordinate polygon:

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    Re: QgraphicsView after scale.

    Or, if you want to know the scene coordinates currently displayed on the viewport, the other way around:

    QPolygonF scenePolygon = mapToScene(viewport()->rect());

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