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    commenting on user reviews

    after OVI implemented the latest upgrade only users who bought the item could review it which is good.
    but now we cant as the publishers write back to the user in order to assist him with any problems he may have
    we have to buy the content item in order to write back which is not good.

    you should allow publishers to write back to users who wrote comments/reviews in which they stated they have some difficulties.
    either from the publishers site or from the ovi store site.

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    Re: commenting on user reviews

    I was about to write this to OVI board. Last week there was a comment about that my app is not working on 5800 xpmusic. I downloaded my own app to write a comment in the review section. Everytime i cannot download my own app to write review. so i completely agree with you that publishers must be granted to write comments in review section.

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    Re: commenting on user reviews

    same here - I think it's an essential feature for publishers to be able to post comments
    Andy Storer
    | m o d i f i e d |


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    Re: commenting on user reviews

    Dear Publishers,

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    In the future upgrades, Ovi Store could be adding a function that allows publisher to reply to review comments.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at publishtoovi.support@nokia.com


    Publisher Support Team

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