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    Please help me How to get file MP3 from URL with PORT???


    I am developing internet radio streaming on mobile application using MMAPI,,

    I have a trouble when I call URL like : http://xyz.xyz.xyz:8000
    I still can play streaming audio from URL like : http://xyz.xyz.xyz/a.mp3

    How can I get the file (ex: a.mp3) from the URL which no MP3 file, only PORT, like http://xyz.xyz.xyz:8000??

    Thank you so much,,

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    Re: Please help me How to get file MP3 from URL with PORT???

    you simply wont...
    MediaPlayer does NOT support http streaming, an mp3 file will first be downloaded and the played...
    The only exception are some specific S40 devices which has a limited progressive download built in, which can be activated with a JAD parameter, can't remember it precisely but it's something like progressive_download:enabled...
    You should search that up...

    MediaPlayer DOES support rtsp streaming though, so you will need a rtsp stream (which is NOT a http stream)...

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