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    Native Symbian Socket Server & J2ME Socket Client

    I´m trying to make a socket connection from a symbian server to a j2me client for making J2ME to native calls. I made the client and i have the server infraestructure finished.

    What are the next steps?

    1. Big or Little endian arquitecture.
    Where can i obtain info about it?

    Do I forget any other step?

    PS: Is it the best way to make native calls from J2ME?

    Thanks for replays!!

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    Re: Native Symbian Socket Server & J2ME Socket Client


    I suppose this is the only way to connect J2ME Midlet with Symbian server i.e. using socket via local host. Other but crude approach would be using "shared" files i.e. if your midlet can access/create files.


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