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    get Frame from video

    Hi all,

    i would like to known if there is a way to get the frames (a temporally based sampling of frames) from a recorded mpeg4 video before rendering on the screen?
    I have to extract frames with hight resolution and with a larger size than the mobile's screen so i have to access the frames directly from the mpeg decoder before they are resized for the mobile's screen.

    Best regards


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    Re: get Frame from video

    You can also try with this method which i use with my Nokia N95. You need to get the video control from your player and then you can use the getSnapshot "encoding = jpeg" and then you will get the required frame. And after that you can try to convert the image and then you can have the requirement which you want with your phone.

    For more information you can read the MMAPI,and things will be more clear to you
    Thanks with Regards,

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    Re: get Frame from video

    Hi raj_J2ME,

    i have already seen the getSnapshot() method and its parameters but i need a larger image than the diplay's screen, so if i get a snapshot and than try to resize it the resolution of the image is scaled and became too low for my purpose.
    The getSnapshot() method accept also other parameters:

    jpg = mVideoControl.getSnapshot("encoding=jpeg&quality=100&width=" + width + "&height=" + height);

    I have a question: if i try with this call passing hight value for widht and height the resolution of the image is still scaled or not?

    Furthermore i have fuound this:

    byte[] raw = mVideoControl.getSnapshot(null);
    Image image = Image.createImage(raw, 0, raw.length);

    If a use this method can i get the native resolution of the frame extracted from the video?

    Can anybody help me?
    Does anybody known some method to convert the image in a larger size without lost of resolution or a method to access the native video decoder to get his original frames?

    Best regards

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