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    Homescreen widgets on 5800 with new firmware

    Hello, I initiated into the programming of WRT plugins.
    I have the Nokia 5800, so I can only test them on that device.

    My question is if the new firmware (50.0.005) allows the integration of plugins on the homescreen.
    I have read older post saying that in future firmware updates allow this.

    Greetings, and thanks for the responses.

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    Re: Homescreen widgets on 5800 with new firmware

    Hi the_hammer,

    unfortunately homescreen widgets seem not to be in the changelog for 50.0.005 firmware..


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    Re: Homescreen widgets on 5800 with new firmware

    Can you say me what the problem is on this picture:

    I updated my phone to 50 firmware and faced this problem

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    Re: Homescreen widgets on 5800 with new firmware

    Looks like a mess with the theme you've downloaded.
    Best regards,

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