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    Error "Not supported locator" while playing rtsp stream

    I'm writing an application for live rtsp streaming. When I tried on my Nokia E63, there 's "Media Exception: Not supported locator". This is my code
    playerForm = new Form("Video Player");
    Player player = null;
    player = Manager.createPlayer("rtsp://");
    VideoControl vc = (VideoControl)player.getControl("javax.microedition.media.VideoControl");
    Item videoItem = (Item)vc.initDisplayMode(VideoControl.USE_GUI_PRIMITIVE, null);
    playerForm .append(videoItem);
    I'm sure the link is OK because if I use platformRequest(), the RealPlayer played well.

    Please help me in this problem.

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    Re: Error "Not supported locator" while playing rtsp stream

    surely the inbuilt RealPlayer player has not many similarities to the MediaPlayer...

    check this please :

    what kind of codec is used within the trsp stream and does the Media Player implementation within your device actually support the used codec(s) ?

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