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    Question SIM Change Identification


    I am new to J2ME development,

    I want to send SMS when user changed SIM card during start-up?

    Can any one suggest me.


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    Re: SIM Change Identification

    J2me is not very ideal platform for such application, as you dont get the required permission to read SIM card data and idenetify the change. Even autostart applications is still not a reality on many java only j2me devices in the market.

    These types of app's are generally developed in device native OS like Symbian in S60.


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    Re: SIM Change Identification

    In Java, you'd have to monitor changes in the IMSI (SIM card's serial number), but reading the IMSI from the SIM is the issue.

    The current Nokia models have the property com.nokia.mid.imsi, however it is only accessible in the manufacturer and operator domains. Which means you'd need either Nokia to sign the MIDlet, or it needs to be operator signed (separately for each and every network operator whose SIM cards are on the phone while you run your application).


    So, as stated, there are no practical solutions for Java for this, because in simpler terms a "regular" developer cannot use these properties.

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    Re: SIM Change Identification

    To create a consumer application of such type without the manufacturer support will not be possible. There is no support on API level for this.

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