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    Kern exec 3 panic while debugging test app for an exe on emulator

    Hi All

    I get the following panic when I try to create an obj of a class in an app which ahs to be tested.

    104.370 [QTestLib] PASS : TestClientCF::initTestCase()
    104.395 [QTestLib] QDEBUG : TestClientCF::testClientCFGetFriends() create client
    104.430 [QTestLib] QDEBUG : TestClientCF::testClientCFGetFriends() client == NULL
    104.875 Thread TestClientApp::TestClientApp Panic KERN-EXEC 3

    like client = new MyClass();
    It is panicking.

    This MyClass belongs to an exe.
    This is on emulator.Please let me know what might be the possible reason for this panic.


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    Re: Kern exec 3 panic while debugging test app for an exe on emulator

    I think putting a breakpoint on qFatal will catch most panics and let you observe the all-important call stack.

    There is also a global emulator setting you can do, IIRC, to achieve the same thing, but I can't recall what it is.

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    Re: Kern exec 3 panic while debugging test app for an exe on emulator

    epoc32\data\epoc.ini change justintime from 0/None to debug (or 1 if you want to be on all the time).
    qFatal calls __DEBUGGER(); which invokes just in time.


    To catch windows exceptions from Carbide debug menu go to tab "x86 exceptions" and check all but "c++ exception".
    Kern-exec 3 is Access Violation and thus the exception is triggered.

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