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    Question Set focus manually to a link


    i'm developing a widget which uses custom made popups.
    They should behave like normal confirms/alerts and show a message, title and a confirm button. They also trigger a layer beneath, which hides the content (like the mask used in lightboxes,...)

    My Problem is: when i popup a message and try to set the focus to the first link (==popup confirmation button) of the popup, it wont get focused.

    i tried with:

    [Mootools Code]

    Anybody ran into the same problem?
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    Re: Set focus manually to a link

    an addidtional information:

    i set:

    if i set it to true, the user will at least have the chance to focus the link with the cursor but the rest of the app doesn't play well in terms of ux with the cursor...

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    Re: Set focus manually to a link

    Hi makibo,

    problems with focus applied programmatically have been reported by various developers:


    Could you please tell which device and firmware you're testing on?

    Thank you,

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    Re: Set focus manually to a link

    i especially tested on

    Nokia N86 8MP


    SW 21.006

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    Re: Set focus manually to a link

    I worked around my focus problem by using

    window.menu.setLeftSoftkeyLabel and window.menu.setRightSoftkeyLabel on wrt 7.1+
    and just window.menu.setRightSoftkeyLabel on older devices.

    so no more need to click a dynamically generated link, though it would fit better into the ui..

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