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    Roaming type on N97

    Does the Symbian N97 implement forced roaming, application level roaming, or both? (See QNetworkSession writeup for these definitions.)

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    Re: Roaming type on N97

    For the record: Wrote an app to query QNetworkConfigurationManager::capabilities(). The result (on both N97 5th hardware and the emulator) is:
    • Yes -- CanStartAndStopInterfaces
    • Yes -- DirectConnectionRouting
    • Yes -- SystemSessionSupport
    • No -- ApplicationLevelRoaming
    • No -- ForcedRoaming
    • Yes -- DataStatistics

    So it appears that neither ALR nor ForcedRoaming is supported on the N97 with the beta1 level Mobility code.

    How would one find out what the release-level plans for this are?

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    Re: Roaming type on N97

    I just did a quick test on a 5800. The 1.0 sis package sets all the right flags. In general 3.2 and 5.0 devices support both types of roaming. 3.1 devices don't. Your N97 is a 5.0 device.

    Iif the beta does not set the flags (hadn't had time to test) then this would have been a bug. Please upgrade to 1.0

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